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Are you searching for the best games for your phone? Do you thing that 2019 was a great year with the best games ever? Do you want to know what are the phone games, we believe, were the best in this year? Well, we are making this article specially for you, so keep reading it to the need so you discover our top 10 games for 2019 …!

We will start our list by a great game, which spread widely in 2019, we are talking about:

PUBG= Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds.

We will give you the game’s principle, and after that, we will give you some general pieces of information about the game, its founder, the number of sales…!

  • PUBG principle:

PUBG is an action game, multiplayer battle Royale game, one to one player. The goal is to survive and kill all your enemies.

Your mission is to stay alive while 100 players are trying to kill you. Kill them and take the win.

100 players try to survive in a map that keeps shrinking, after landing from an airplane using a parachute. There are several areas on the map, so you should choose wisely.

You start the game without any armors or equipment, so you should look for some equipment ASAP so you can defend yourself from your enemies who want to kill you.

If they succeed, they can take all your weapons, equipment and armor…

When the game is over you will get a number of points, it depends on how much time you resisted and how many kills you did successfully.

PUBG involves 3 modes or modalities:

  • Squad mode= Four players
  • Duo mode= Two players
  • Solo mode= A single player
  • PUBG General Information:

This game has more than 100 Million downloads in the play store only, you can play it using your mobile, XBOX, PC and PS4.

The one who created this game is called “Brandon Green”. Thank you, Brandon, for bringing a lot of joy and entertainment to the world. Million of players are enjoying their time thanks to your game. Big Up men!

PUBG was launched in 2018 for the mobile use (Android and iOS), and made more than 50 million sales by June 2018, and the numbers have increased a lot in this year (2019).

This mobile game has wined a lot of awards, such as:

  • Mobile Game of the Year (PUBG Mobile)
  • Trending Game of the Year
  • Excellence in Multiplayer
  • Esports game of the year
  • Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay
  • Action Game of the Year
  • PC Game of the Year

* Best Multiplayer Game

Are you wondering why this game has a lot of success? What are the factors that make it so unique and famous?

Well, we believe that they are a lot of factors which makes of this game a wonderful one, we think that these are the main factors of its success:

  • Trending
  • Too easy to play
  • In-game discussion
  • Cheap and fast internet
  • Completely free

Monument Valley Game :

The Monument valley game is an awesome mobile game for your phone. Your mission is to guide the princess called “Ida” through mazes of impossible objects and optical illusions while changing the world which she is to reach different platforms.

This game is great and famous for its design. It won several awards in the design category, and it is available for Android and iOS.

Monument Valley is a game which was developed based on the drawing concept by the company artist called the “Ken Wong.

Its style, and especially the visual one, was inspired by minimalist sculpture, Japanese print, and indie games Windosill, Sworcery, Sword and Fez.

The game is well done, and very exciting however, it is short and it is not difficult to play. Many gamers love the games that are hard because they represent a challenge. If you are like this type, you may not like it too much. However, if you are an artistic person and you appreciate the beautiful design, you will certainly fail in love with the monument valley.

 This mobile game sells more than 26 million sales and won several rewards such as:


And many more rewards… so, what are you waiting for, let’s help the princess Ida now 😀

The room old sins:

Source: Google Play

This game is one of the game series: The Room, it was created by Fireproof Games, and it was launched on 1/ 2018.

The Room is a puzzle game, the old sins is the fourth in the series and it has won several awards. It was announced on 2017 and launched on 2018.

This mobile game is a variation on escaping the room’s game, your mission is to find and examine the different secrets within the room, by solving puzzles and manipulating objects.

You can examine, collect and manipulate the item to reveal a new object or to use it to solve a puzzle for example.

Well, you may be wondering, “what happens if I am stuck?”. No problem, The Room provides you with a hint system which you can use it in similar cases. Nothing bad will happens to you or to your scores if you use it, it is only activated after several fail tries.

Shadow Gun Legends


The game Shadow Gun Legends is a mobile game created and launched by MADFINGER. This game is about a fight between two categories of people: shadow guns which they are a group of mercenaries with a mission of killing and hunting gown The Torment (a group of aliens) who came for an unknown reason from an unknown place.

Your mission is to build your character, get weapons and start the killing. If you already played this kind of games you will certainly know what I mean. If you didn’t, this will be a great opportunity for you to discover those type of action games.

It is a quite violent game, so if you are a nice person you will not like it so much.

Your XP will develop by the time you spent playing and by the levels you completed. The power of the weapons, the armor, and your frame will go up too. Every minute playing will affect your game’s status.

So, if you are a fan of some action, you will definitely love the Shadow Guns Game!

Garena Free Fire

Source: Google Play

The story of this game is that “FF”, a mysterious organization, bring a group of people from different classes and backgrounds to an isolated Island. Only one survivor will stand out and leave the island alive.

“FF” bought those people by different methods, it kidnapped some, attracted others, genetically modified them, brainwash them and hypnotized them.

These people are called “testers” have only one mission, survive until the end so they can leave the island. Even after losing the majority of their personality and memories, they all fight for their survival…

They are launched from a plane using a parachute, on a map. After every period of time, the zone on the map keeps shrinking, after landing from the airplane using a parachute. There are several areas on the map, so you should choose wisely.

“Stay Alive” because If they succeed to kill you, they can take all your weapons, equipment and armor…

You start the game without any armors or equipment, so you should look for some equipment ASAP so you can defend yourself from your enemies who want to kill you.

Free Fire is a game developed by the Indonesian company “Garena”. It is a game for iOS and Android also… Enjoy!

Fortnite: Battle Royal

Fortnite is a free game, it is one of the most famous games on the world, nowadays. It was created by a company called “Epic Games”.

You can play Fortnite on your mobile device, iOS or Android. You can play it by yourself or within a team.

The principle of this game is little bit similar to PUBG, 100 players starts the game with one mission, eliminate anyone you meet and be the last survivor.

It may look like an easy and simple game however, to take the win, it can be so difficult because you will always find a snipper in a coiner waiting for you for his “head shot”. So, if you are looking for a great adventure, Fortune will be a great game for you.

Into The Dead 2

Source : Youtube

Into the dead 2 is and infinite running zombie game, your mission is to unite with your family after having a car accident in the middle of the zombies, who try their best to eat you of course.

You get a primary weapon and a secondary one, you should run into the ammunition for your weapons, it is showed by a green light. It is a game programmed by PikPok, and you can play it on your mobile phone, on iOS and Android.

If you are into this zombie stuff, Into The Dead 2 will be a great choice for you!

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s odyssey is a mobile game, developed by the Snowman Studio. It is the following of the game called “Alto’s Adventure”.

This game is an endless runner type of games that has you going down desert, ice and rain while avoiding obstacles such as rock formation.

What I truly love in this game, it is unique, it is not like the other boring endless runner games. The Alto’s odyssey, has a unique sound design, the shifting color palettes will certainly keep you waiting for the adventure and it has also a smooth soundtrack.

The variety of each playthrough is a positive point for the game, because the problem in the endless game type, is that they are generally boring. So, you will find in this game many new generated elements, and you will reach new heights while playing.

To keep you more entertained, you will find some items to collect while playing, such as super coins, pots, magnets and flowers. They don’t have any real value in the game however it is just fun to collect them while surfing and avoiding the obstacles.

You can have fun paying this mobile game on iOS or Android.

So, now we will move on for the next game… Are you ready?!

Asphalt 9: Legends

source : Youtube

It is already in 2013 that the last episode of the Asphalt series created by Gameloft seduced us. It took five years to see a successor to Asphalt 8: Airborne, with a ninth album whose goal is in his title, hoping to become legendary in the world of video games racing. Only, and we will see in the sequel, Asphalt 9: Legends is not quite the same as past titles, rocking on a mind even more arcade, but especially freemium totally wanted and assumed. We know the titles created by the French publisher, this time developed in Spanish studios, so often the quality is rather bluffing, often the wall of pay-to-win comes full force, as in a crash test … Does it remain to be seen if the airbags work in the hypercars?

Not to say, the graphics level is truly exceptional for a racing game, and we can certainly compare Asphalt 9: Legends to the excellent GRID Autosport in terms of fluidity and details. Here, you will drive your beautiful vehicles, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and many others, in the cities of Rome, the icy mountain slopes, in the rain of Scotland, the suburbs of Cairo, or even close to American tornadoes! The peak of detail in the scenery or in the modeling of vehicles is worth the interest that this game arouses, giving immediately desire to download the game to verify that this quality is not the only facade on the body, but the engine is purring … and yes, it does, at full power!

Brawl Stars

source : Google Play

Creator of the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale megahits, the Supercell studio announces the world release of its new game: Brawl Stars. Between Frontier and Overwatch, the concept may seem opportunistic. Take a round and cartoony-style graphic style, a Clash Royale top-of-the-line representation, Overwatch-like heroes and Royal battle mode, and you get Brawl Stars, Supercell’s new mobile game. Lucky studio having chained the mega success for several years (Clash of Clans then Clash Royale), Supercell has been preparing for the next few months, named Brawl Stars. Available for more than a year in some countries, Brawl Stars is finally accessible to all. The title will come first on iOS, then quickly on Android

Artistically similar to previous Supercell games, however, Brawl Stars is trying to explore a new path, namely the competitive shooter. Each hero has unique abilities and the action seems fast and nervous. Four game modes will be proposed, including the inevitable royal battle offering a playground that is reduced as and when, but also 3 against 3. The Royal battle mode will not, however, be of the same magnitude as what proposes PUBG or Fortnite, since only 10 players will be present on a much smaller map. So we are closer to the Last Man Standing at the Unreal Tournament (but it is much less seller).

Critical Ops

Source : Google Play

Critical Ops is a game developed by Critical Force Entertainment, which is very much inspired by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there is currently a game mode that is “Defuse” which consists of defusing a bomb or eliminating All Terrorists for Swats and Terrorists must eliminate all Swats to win. The games can go up to 20 players and there are 3 cards “Amsterdam”, “Barcelona” and “Tokyo”.

At first, it’s very hard to get used to it, but after a few hours of games you get to take it in hand, the gameplay and very good for an FPS like the counter strike on a smartphone, you can even change the sensitivity and distribution keys in the options! The only downside is that the decline of the weapons and a little too strong ones that make the game less manageable.

This game and multiplayer, you must have the connection to be able to play but this game has what you care for hours when you finish a game you still want to do another!

In terms of customization this game is very loyal to Counter-Strike: GO, you will have the opportunity to pay boxes to have a random skin per box, you can buy real money or virtual currency that you may have for free by viewing ads, In the options, have can configure a lot of things like the quality of the animation, the distribution of the keys, the graphics, etc …

EA Sport Games:

EA Sport Games is a game company and it have several famous games that the majority are great.

If you see a game developed by EA Sport Games, you should automatically assume that is a good game and it will be interesting to try it out.

Like I said there are several games developed by this company such as:

  • Arena Football
  • Australian Rugby League
  • Blitz: The League
  • Def Jam Vendetta
  • FIFA Mobile
  • Grand Chelem Tennis
  • John Madden Football
  • …ETC

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Source: Pinterest

At first glance, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius looks just like any other mobile RPG released in recent years. In a very classic way, we build a team of heroes who will be sent to combat at different levels. The progression is done automatically, and there are different enemies that must be cut down one after another until a boss. Only very classic so.

At least until we come to the first phase of exploration. After having completed all the levels of a given environment, it is possible to freely explore this environment. There, we take direct control of his character who evolves on a map full of random battles, resources to collect and secrets to discover. This simple addition already greatly enriches the gaming experience and allows to get closer to a more classic RPG. This is not the only step that makes Final Fantasy Brave Exvius towards the Sacrosanct RPG, because it also offers real cities to explore.

Numerous, they also offer a wide area of ​exploration with many secrets well hidden in the scenery. Better, they have shops to equip themselves, and NPCs who will distribute various quests bringing their lot of rewards very useful. And even if most of them boil down to monster breaking or playing the FedEx couriers, it brings a lot of diversity and depth rarely reached for a game like this. Add to this a Colysée that allows you to fight against monsters in rewards exchanges, the Vortex of Desires that allows you to recover specific resources (gold, XP, materials), and you get a very complete, varied game that it becomes very difficult to let go.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Without warning or airport, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to end HearthStone’s very long playable beta: Heroes of WarCraft and officially launch the free to play the virtual card game.

It is pointless to pretend to hold the only absolute truth about a game so cleverly illustrated since its earliest versions, since most interested or simply intrigued players undoubtedly already know what to expect about this game. title announced in March 2013. Anyway, it is still time to take stock of one year of victories, defeats against these rotting Magi and booster packs filled with unnecessary legendary on this new franchise developer Californian.

Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft is a download-only video game for PC, iPad, Mac OS, Android and iPhone / iPod Touch, card game genre, developed by Blizzard Entertainment and edited by Activision Blizzard.

What do you think about our collection? Do you have any other games you prefer? What do you want to read from us in the next articles? I’ll read your comments xD

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