The best studios for create games mobile (android & IOs)

Are you dreaming about creating your mobile game? Are you searching about the best studios to create your game and turn your idea into the reality? Or do you want to know more about successful studios in this industry ?

Well, you are in the right place, we will give you in this article a list of 10 TOP studios for creating android or IOs games in 2019…


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We will start our list by the famous studio NINTENDO, Nintendo ( Nintendō kabushiki gaish) is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi3 near Kyoto, Japan.

In its early days, the company produced Japanese playing cards: the Hanafuda. It was in the 1970s that the company diversified its activities by producing toys and arcade terminals. It was one of the main precursor companies of video games.

In the late 1970s, Nintendo entered the console and video game market. Currently, it is one of the leaders in this market: in 2008, Nintendo was ranked first video game publisher in Japan and second in the United States (NPD Group). In November 2014, Nintendo sold 680 million consoles and 4.3 billion video games worldwide (for games, figure as of 1 December 2006).

Nintendo is one of the few video game companies that has been able to bring some of its licenses, particularly Mario7 or Pokémon, into the common culture, along with iconic characters from other entertainment companies such as Mickey Mouse from The Walt Disney Company.

KUIPE Studio:


Now, we will talk about the KIUPE Studio. They create tools to facilitate teachers’ work, and video games to engage all children in their learning. These experiences foster engagement, immersion, curiosity, experimentation and social interaction. They work for teachers, students and their parents.

They design game situations that mobilize and advance the skills to be acquired. This joint promise, both fun and educational, makes it possible to create an environment conducive to learning through a powerful motor: that of pleasure.

Each player develops his own experience of the game, which he can then share. There are many ways to organize collaboration around each game, multiplayer or not.

Each player is unique.

The games must respond to the great diversity of their audience and provide an inclusive experience.



Tag Games Studio spends significant time in creating astounding amusements for portable and tablet gadgets.

Their services incorporate full amusement advancement from idea to creation, just as structure improved ports of comfort or PC titles.

With a group of devoted investigators and item directors, they can likewise deal with the server-based live tasks period of your game.

They have several very known clients such as, 505 Games, Flaregames, Rovio, Electronic Arts, Nickelodeon…



Tripeledot studio in a new studio game, independent and founded by some professionals in this field. Their mission is to bring experience and knowledge into a collaborative environment.

They can create your app or your game from scratch, which means starting by the idea until the final step by launching the game to the public.

They already create some strong games starting by some casual games to cutting edge products and messenger games. Triple dot studio has some incredible talent that can create a great game and experience that have being scaled by creating and giving birth to several games and apps!

The agency was created at 2017, so it is now two years since it was founded. In this little period of time Triple Dot has already created several games such as Solitaire Classic, Solitaire 95, Twisted, Sudoku and they are now working on a game called Word Hop and it will be released soon for the public so you can enjoy playing it! Keep ready for it, guys !

Ketchapp games

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Ketchapp is a French company developing and publishing downloadable video games, based in Paris and a subsidiary of Ubisoft.

The company was created independently in 2014 by the brothers Michaek and Antoine Morcos and published its first downloadable game on Android and iOS.

In September 2016, the French video game publisher Ubisoft bought Ketchapp for an unknown amount.

They offer the service of app creation, they have more than 200 games published and more than 1 and half billion downloads. That shows how great Ketchapp studio are! So, if you are looking for some professionals to work with to create the perfect game you are thinking about!

You may think what are some of the games that Ketchapp has developed and they are having a good success, that’s why we are giving you this list of 8 great games created by Ketchapp:

  • Scream go hero
  • Flippy race
  • Rider
  • Knife hit
  • Police runner
  • 2048
  • Prince of Persia – Escape
  • Dunk Shot

Game level one

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Game level one is an Indonesian company, it will help you to bring your idea to life and transform your thoughts to a real and awesome game.

They will do for you the branding, the advertising products and promoting with games. Their game studio all people who are interested in advertising and promoting via games. It is a great and innovative way to help you take your business to the next level.

Nowadays, people see ads every day in almost every place they go to! That made them saturated and they are not interacting with the traditional methods of ads. So, you can take advantage of this to make it a good deal for your business by promoting your products in an innovative and modern way via the games.

They are using several platforms to launch their games, so they are not stick in just one platform, and this allow them to reach more clients with a big audience and potential.

Maybe this feature will be extremely known in the future, and the best time to take your piece of this delicious cake is now. So, if you were looking for some advertising platforms or methods, that will be a great opportunity for you! You may simply shoot them a message to know more about their business.



Kolibri Games is a European company, in Germany, created on February 2016, by 5 people: Tim Reiter, Daniel Stammler, Sebastian Karasek, Janosch Sadowski and Oliver Löffler.

This company started with the name Fluffy Fair Games, by 5 friends of studies, their ideas of becoming entrepreneurs was after discovering that the gale clash of clowns had generated more than 1 Billion dollars in revenue.

Making your own games is the dream of every child, that was the push they needed to start the Fluffy fair Games company that knowns now as KOLIBRI games.

After their first 8 weeks, they have launched a game called, Idle Miner Tycoon, it was a simple game and not too sophisticated. That was not due to a lack of knowledge or professionalism, however, the programmers wanted to improve and code the game based on their players feedbacks so they can create THE game that their players love.

In their first year they have already made a lot of success, thanks to their marketing team. Thy have also won the 100 Red Herring Top 100 Europe. Their have reach in 2 years only, more than 50 Million downloads and their goal is to publish 5 successful games within five years.

So, if you are looking for a people that believes in results and they already did extremely well for their own games, Kolibri games is your perfect choice!



ELK Studio is a company that have created several successful games, such as Vegas Diamonds, Joker Gems, Platooners, Birthday and many others.

The thing that made them a special company and difference them from normal companies, is that they are soft and hard at the same time. They create some beautiful art and they are working using statistical models. They use developed algorithms to bring their characters to life.

With thousands of players, Elk Studio has gained a lot of experience that can be used to create your perfect game and make your idea to life.

Voodoo Studio


Voodoo studio is a company that create its own games, create apps for clients and also coach developers to give their best and take their abilities to the next level.

Thanks to voodoo studio, we have seen some great games such as, Baseball Boy, Ball Blast, Car Merger, Color Road, Crowd City, Dune, Fight List, Fire Balls 3D, Helix Jump and many others.

With more than 1.5 Billion downloads in the last year (2018) they have acquired a big experience and they will for sure help you to make a hit. Are you interested? Well, you should just visit their website and leave them a message with your game so that they can take a look at it and give you the following steps you should do to get more success!

Vertigo Games


Vertigo Games was created in 2008, it is located in Netherlands, and to be more specific, it is located in Rotterdam city. This company have published and developed successfully many VR games.

The vertigo games family is composed of 17 employees, they are the people behind creating more than 25 products and to do that they have consumed more than 63 840 caps of coffee!

With a big number of games created, vertigo games have now a big experience that allows them to give some priceless pieces of advice. That’s why if you are looking for a bunch of people that they truly know what they are doing, Vertigo games family will be a great choice for you!

This was our list of 10 best studios to help you create games for mobile, so what do you think about our list? Do you have in mind some other companies that you believe that they deserve being listed on our website too? If yes, why do you think it will be a great company to recommend to our readers? What are their strength and their weakness? About what our next article should be about?

And, do not forget to stay tuned for our next articles and read the one already published! We are waiting for your feedbacks and comments. We will try to reply to all your comments. Thank you for the time you invest in reading our blog!

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